The Governor of Oregon has announced a framework for “Reopening Oregon.” The details are still being worked out but the framework involves a phased reopening, in three phases. An announcement from the Governor is expected on May 4th. No timelines for the phases have yet been announced.

That being said, we will announce our summer camp and Fall session dates as soon as we possibly can. We miss all your shiny faces and can’t wait to start tappin’ our toes and singing some tunes with the best kids in town.

What is The Players Academy?

The Players Academy for Musical Theater is a training program that provides singing, dancing, and acting instruction. We believe that theater and storytelling can have a transformative impact on youth, and that too few exceptional opportunities exist. If your child shows in interest in performing and the arts come check us out! We offer classes on Saturday mornings starting this fall.


Winter Enrollment Now Open

Register and pay in full by Dec 25th, you receive a $30 discount and a free Players Academy T-shirt

ACT 1 Players

This is a fun and engaging 2 hour class that teaches the fundamentals of performance to our youngest actors. We use imagination, role play, improvisational games, and other techniques to learn how to move our bodies and use our voices.


  • Ages 4-6
  • Winter Term: January 25th – March 14th
  • Times: Saturdays 10:00 am – 12:00 am
  • Tuition: $295

ACT 2 Players

Students in the Act 2 program receive top quality instruction from industry professionals in a 3 hour class each Saturday morning. The curriculum focuses on developing the singing, dancing, and acting skills of each student for the purpose of authentic storytelling. Act 2 students are given the skills to audition and perform on professional stages around Portland.

Winter Term will be focusing on Audition preparation. Monologues, songs and how to give your best at a dance audition.  


  • Ages 6-12
  • Winter Term: January 25th – March 14th
  • Times: Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm
  • Tuition: $425

Players Conservatory

The Players Conservatory is designed for youth that are considering a career in musical theater. We prepare students with the skills, attitudes, and work ethic required of theater professionals. Players Academy Conservatory graduates pursue entrance to competitive college theater programs and theater opportunities across the country.

Winter Term will be focusing on Audition preparation. Monologues, songs and how to give your best at a dance audition.

 Ages 12 and up

Winter Term: January 25th – March 14th

Times: Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm

Tuition: $425

Our Instructors

Danielle Valentine - Artistic Director

This theater project is an extension of my passion for the arts and the role it plays in people’s lives. My journey in the arts began in the same way it does for many melodramatic youth; directing shows for my family in the living room. I was notorious for writing short plays and then coercing everyone to participate. My younger cousins were given roles and bizarre outfits, while I loudly whispered their lines from off stage. As I grew, I took local classes, joined my Lutheran church choir at 9 years old (the next youngest member was approximately 64), joined the church bell choir (naturally), and then started choir and drama in High school. As a senior, my high school director kindly invited me to audition with him at a local theater. I booked my first “professional” show as a member of the ensemble in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Mikado”, and the die was cast for my future. 

Theater has given me the privilege of performing on many stages in Portland, and I’ve also had the opportunity to pass on my love of the arts to youth through teaching. I taught for 10 years at Childswork Learning Center where I started the after-school Musical Theater class. Then, a few years ago, I moved on to teaching elementary, middle school, and high school drama and music. My most recent project is directing high school musicals and plays, and while I no longer whisper their lines, I am still giving children roles and encouraging them to perform with confidence. 

Now I get to provide the theater experience that I didn’t have as a child! I am excited to bring all of my experience and knowledge as well as the most gifted teachers I can find to this project. Watching the children in my program improve their skills as dancers, singers, and performers will give me a thrill. But, I am equally invested in the development of compassionate and deep humans because theater does that too. Storytelling and performing are about human connection, and finding your voice in a complex world. At the Players Academy, “All the worlds our stage,” and I can’t wait to help your child perform!

Kailey Rhodes – Choreographer and Dance Instructor

Oak trees from Kailey’s home state of Georgia don’t have roots as deep as her experience in theater. After working on local stages around Macon, Kailey relocated to Portland with nothing but a dance belt and a tube of Chapstick, and has since, become a fixture at the biggest theaters in town. Her acting credits include appearances at Portland Center Stage, Artists Rep, and Broadway Rose among others.

Offstage, Kailey combines her two great passions (theater and education) as a math and tap teacher at Northwest Academy, and now the principle Choreographer and Dance Instructor at The Players Academy. Students thrive under Kailey’s skillful teaching and unwavering belief in their capacity for growth. Kailey believes that, “the body is our first instrument. Exploring movement as a primary method of storytelling is the purest way we can interact with and contribute to the world around us.” The Players Academy is beyond fortunate to call Kailey our Choreographer.

Geoffrey Blackmer – Instructor

Geoffrey Blackmer is an Oregon original; born and raised in Portland and a graduate of Franklin High. After high school he earned his BA in Applied Linguistics from Portland State, received a certification to teach English as a Second Language and then jetted off to Korea. There he taught ESL classes and performing arts for Kindergarten while learning about Korean culture. After getting his fill of kimchi, the gravity of Portland sucked him back, and Geoffrey returned to teach performing arts to the youth of Portland in the SUN program. After five more years of following his educational passion, he realized he eventually need to earn a living wage. Geoffrey now works full time for the State of Oregon at the Division of Child Support, helping connect participants across Oregon to necessary services and staff. 

Geoffrey’s current creative outlets include drawing, cartooning, and singing a cappella with the PDX Voices as a tenor. His other favorite activity is cuddling his cat while watching a Liza Minelli special, who just so happens to be his spirit animal. Geoffrey says, “I am humbled and excited to be a part of this project and am so excited to help create memorable theater experiences for my students.” Geoffrey is a talented visual artist, singer and performer, and The Players Academy is fortunate to have his services.

“I’m excited to provide a space where youth are respected, have fun, but also discover what they are capable of. If this interests you, please join me this fall!”

Location: Columbia Christian School, 9101 E Burnside, Portland, OR 97216

Bring a snack, and a water bottle

Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement (leggings, sweats, t-shirts). Sneakers and Jazz shoes are recommended.